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The State Board of Health is empowered to make all necessary and reasonable rules and regulations of a general nature for the protection of the public health and safety; for the general amelioration of the sanitary and hygienic conditions within the state; for the suppression and prevention of infectious, contagious, and communicable diseases; for the proper enforcement of quarantine, isolation, and control of such diseases; and for the proper control of chemical exposures that may result in adverse health effects to the public. The Department of Health is the state agency responsible for implementing the Board's regulations.

This site was developed to provide easy access to all State Board of Health rules and other pertinent legal documents.

Please see the Final Rules and Regulations Table of Contents to view the Board's currently existing rules.


Rules and Regulations Currently Being Amended, Repealed or Promulgated

The Board updates its regulations on a continuing basis. The Board must follow the Administrative Procedure Act ("APA") to amend, repeal or adopt a regulation. An essential part of the APA allows the public to comment on any regulation being amended, repealed or proposed and the Board values your comments and questions. If you are interested in a summary of the APA, please utilize the links provided below.

Emergency Rules

Proposed Amendments to Existing Rules

Proposed New Rules 

Proposed Repeal of Rules

Recent Final Rules

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